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There are (6) Comments for the Thanks for subscribing to Invisible Shoe News

  1. As a Martial Artist, this is the best shoe for the Bare Foot Athlete. Thanks Steve for being such a great wealth of knowlegde.

  2. I can’t wait to see how barefoot exercising effects my foot structure! I have absolutely ZERO arch. I can create suction on hard surfaces when I’m barefoot. But they’re 11.5′s and I’m only 5’8″. Just wore my gf’s little brothers dress shoes and he’s 6’2!

  3. I developed arches in my life-long flat feet after I started running barefoot and in Invisible Shoes.

  4. As a direct descendant of the Tarahumara tribe & having a very hippie spirited daughter who INSISTS on running barefoot on the very cold Reno pavement (Zoe, sophomore @ UNR) I’d love nothing more than to gift these huaraches to my kids. We come from a very remote region of Durango, way, way in the boonies. I love that I can share this with my kids, being so removed from our culture. Thank you. Any way to have these made in leather???

  5. As an ABC chiropractic Dr. and a lover of all things natural, these invisible shoes look great, feel great …. and are a great way to recondition and strengthen the foot … and whole body structure! I love mine and promote them at every opportunity. Great product, great company, what’s not to love about these?

  6. I’ve been running barefoot or with Vibram 5 fingers for about 2 years now, after pulverizing my feet, knees and hips and backto misery with the pompous “supportive” running shoes that were so prevalent till recently. Though most of my pain went away through barefoot running, I couldn’t shake some remaining pain and tightness from my left foot. I even went to the chiropractor who told me my backbone was crooked so I stopped wearing my vibrams and just ran barefoot. As soon as I got the invisible shoes, though, they forced my left foot to walk and run differently, because that shoe was slapping the ground and was too noisy and I read what you had to say on the slapping. Amazing! The pain in my left foot has been melting away rapidly and I’ve only ran a few times in them! Every time I run in them, I feel even better! I never thought I’d ever say a shoe was better than running barefoot, but the way I feel now I think these shoes are!

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