Get Xero Shoes (Invisible Shoes) in the UK and EU

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Do you live in the UK or EU and want to get your Xero Shoes (the new name for Invisible Shoes… our new website is launching soon), faster and without the postal cost of shipping from the US?

Well, three new dealers in the UK will let you do just that.

These are each independent dealers. They all have our Connect 4mm and Contact 6mm barefoot sandals kits in Black. And they all have our complete selection of lace colors.

At the moment, Barefoot Britain and Silent Running are authorized to make custom-made Xero Shoes.

And, at the moment, none of these dealers carries our new Colored Xero Shoes

We are proud and happy to have Simon (Silent Running), Tracy (Barefoot Britain), and James (Born Barefoot) on the Xero Shoes team. They’re all wonderful, creative, intelligent people (and runners), who are committed to helping you have fun and Feel The World.

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals in COLOR!

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Houston, we have color!

I am extremely happy and proud to announce that you can now get Xero Shoes (our new name… website is almost done) in 4 WAY COOL colors.

In addition to our Coal Black, you can now get Mocha Earth, Electric Mint, Boulder Sky, and Hot Salmon.

Combine those with our different lace colors…

Well, here are a few combinations that you’ll see around our office:

Lena in her Mocha Earth with matching brown laces and a bunch of Brass Beads

Our office ultra-runner (and customer service manager), Bill, in Electric Mint with Purple laces (he puts 80-100 miles a week on these!)

Steven, taking inspiration from an 8 year old customer who was the first one to wear non-matching laces, in Boulder Sky with White laces and a Hand Pendant (on the left) and Hot Salmon with Red laces (right).

These new colors come in both Connect 4mm and Contact 6mm styles. And you can get them as kits or custom-made.


Click here to order your Xero Shoes Colored Barefoot Sandals