See, Barefoot Running is NOT Bad for You

Posted by | Posted in Barefoot Running | Posted on 20-07-2012

The media is an interesting thing.

One day, they love you, the next day they hate you. As long as there’s controversy, they’re interested… ish.

The last time barefoot running made all the news it was when the University of Colorado study (done right up the hill from me) apparently showed that barefoot running was less efficient than running in shoes (see my analysis of that study here). In fact, when that study got published, the media went crazy, practically insisting that this was the death knell for those of us who run unshod.

So, I’m not sure what it means that they’ve basically ignored a new study from Northumbria University that shows the exact opposite!

Why are there no crazed headlines about how running without shoes really IS the greatest thing since bread, the slicer, and the sliced bread that comes from intelligently combining the two?

Who knows. Who cares.

More importantly, check out the info about the study here at

In short, if you want the synopsis: Runners used 6% more energy when they wore shoes. Here’s the line I like:

The results suggest that, by ditching their trainers, athletes new to barefoot running adopt a running style similar to experienced barefoot runners and enjoy an immediate and likely beneficial increase in running economy.

Works for me (in fact it DID work for me!)