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Want to help us test and develop our new Invisible Shoes products?

NOTE: Due to the INSANELY high application rate, membership in the Invisible Club is now full.

You may still fill out the form, below, and we’ll let you know when space opens up. (If you think you are an invaluable asset and MUST be in the Club, tell us why in the “Anything else…” section.)

There are no “better” answers — we need all types of people in the Club.

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There are (8) Comments for the Join the Invisible Club

  1. I love them! I had foot problems that made wearing regular shoes very uncomfortable. I ordered the Invisible Shoes and was amazed at how wonderfull they felt. My feet are better now, but my Invisible Shoes are still my footwear of choice!

  2. Hope I can help out. I have a lot of ideas.

  3. Hope I can help. I have a lot of ideas.

  4. I applied to be a part of the Invisible shoes Club.

    I would LOVE to have ORANGE soles, even a picture of them would be something to pique my curiosity!!

  5. like the 4mm way better than my vibram. keep up the great work!

  6. Whether I get accepted or not, I’m super excited to see what new products are being cooked up!

  7. It would just be great to be a part of the development of these products and the BF/Minimalist running revolution that’s going on.

  8. I think it is awesome that you guys are growing. I cant wait to see what you come out with. I have had my IS for a month and i havent worn any other shoe since i got them. They are MY shoe. Even came up with a tie style to make it conform to dress code at work. :)

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