Another great teleclass about barefoot running and minimalist footwear

Posted by | Posted in Barefoot Running, Barefoot Sandals, Barefoot Shoes, Barefoot Walking | Posted on 01-12-2012

Thank you barefoot fans!

We had 25 people on today’s teleclass about barefoot running, walking, footwear and more, including a number of people who called in from Europe (I scheduled the call so that Europeans would still be awake and could join us).

If you missed the call, or were on it and want to hear parts again, here it is. Enjoy (click on the arrow, below):

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If you want to download the audio, right click or Ctrl-click on this link: Barefoot Teleclass

On this call, we had a great chat about everything from:

  • Transitioning to being barefoot in cold weather
  • How to walk barefoot
  • The correct foot strike for barefoot walking
  • Becoming your own running coach
  • The difference between barefoot running and running in sandals
  • Getting rid of “slapping” sounds when running in sandals
  • Dealing with objections that schools have to minimalist shoes and, especially, sandals
  • Great cues to eliminate overstriding
  • Is there magic in the idea that your stride cadence should be 180 steps/minute
  • How Xero Shoes have ruined some people’s lives ;-) (it’s not what you think)

I really enjoyed this call and was given one suggestion that I’m going to follow up on, namely, making this a monthly event.

As soon as the new website is up and running (soon, I expect), I’ll include a page that announces when I’ll be scheduling an ongoing Q&A call.

Let the fun continue!