Vibram Five Finger shoes vs. Huaraches Running Sandals

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Many people wear the Vibram Five Fingers shoe for minimalist running… how does it stack up against the huarache running sandal?

Well, this video has some of my thoughts about the two.


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Long distance running in huaraches

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About once a week I get a call or an email from someone who asks, “Can you run in Invisible Shoes for long runs?”

I usually point out to them that the Tarahumara are known for running ultra-marathons in huaraches, so, Yes.

But some people respond, “Sure, but I’m not a Tarahumara Indian.”

True (but not necessarily relevant).

So, how bout a hometown boy who just ran in his Invisible Shoes huaraches… for SIXTY-EIGHT MILES!

Here’s a picture from Barefoot Jason Robillard after his run:

barefoot running shoes

Read the rest of the thread about his run at the Runners World Barefoot Running forum

Invisible Shoes on Boomer Alley Radio

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Got 7 minutes for some laughs?

Then you’ll enjoy the interview I was invited to do on Boomer Alley Radio’s
“Better Mousetrap” show.

You can hear it online on Saturday or Sunday:

Saturday July 10 7 pm Pacific Time streaming on and live on KFWB NEWS TALK 980 AM (Los Angeles)

Sunday July 11 4 pm Mountain Time streaming on and live on AM 1060 in Boulder/Denver metro



p.s. I’ll try to get a copy and put it up here after it airs.