Not Zero Shoes but Xero Shoes

Posted by | Posted in Barefoot Running Shoes, Barefoot Sandals | Posted on 28-01-2013

I know that when I tell people we’re becoming Xero Shoes, they sometimes think Zero Shoes. If you only hear our new name, without someone explaining the “X”, that makes sense ;-)

But that’s easy to explain. It reminds me of an OLD song. Remember “Liza with a Z, not Lisa with an S”? (if so, that dates us both). We’re “Xero with an X.”

Just in case someone hears Zero Shoes and doesn’t hear about the X part, we’ve created a few domains that, hopefully they’ll find if they type in the wrong thing in the search engines.

No need to go to these sites, they just point people back to, but I’m listing them here, frankly, to help get them ranked so that people who type zero shoes in the search engine will find one of them and get to the right place. Make sense?

Anyway, the list of “redirect” sites we’ve created is:

Why didn’t I get Well, the guy who owns it wants a LOT of money for it. Way more than we have. :-(

Hopefully one of those other “zero shoes” domains will pop up if someone’s looking for us and they’ll find the right place, (which, btw, will be live in it’s new incarnation in a day or so!)

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There are (2) Comments for the Not Zero Shoes but Xero Shoes

  1. I wonder what the guy who owns “” is thinking now.

  2. LOL! I’m sure he’s going to be bummed he turned down my $3k offer!

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